Exquisite furnishings in beautiful surroundings are the mark of a life well lived and discovering those treasures are the joys of a life well lived. Every sightline within your home should present a beautiful vignette that is both delightful to the eyes and easy to live within. Weaving new treasures, art & objet d’art into your existing furnishings will blend these “joys of a life” seamlessly, while achieving your interior design objectives.

My years of experience buying in designing homes gives me a unique perspective into your individual and specific needs and allow me to exceed your expectations and achieve seamlessly. Whether your project is a simple edit, tweak, or a change in your space to represent a change in lifestyle, or a complete renovation from the ground up, our fully integrated staff and global network of artisans, collectors and designers guarantees the realization of your every expectation of the vision, that is your interior.

Please contact us today to see how Angela Rich Interiors can make your dreams a reality.

“My house is really wonderful — Almost every day I see a new ‘scene’ you have set someplace from a whole room to a shelf or a nook— At the same time there is a wonderful continuity to the place — It is definitely a reflection of me and the things I have collected around me for a lifetime: Asian, Israeli, Indian, Craftsman, contemporary, old world/new world, cowboy, horses and dogs, etc— Your eye and sense of design shows my beautiful things off to the max — You help define a side of who I am based on my possessions — And George’s eye and skills has been a huge addition — My house feels important and that makes me feel important as well —Your sense of design is a gift, Angela — Thank you for bestowing it on me!”
—A very pleased client

5-2 Malibu Beach House LR